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Guangde lida Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the junction of three provinces and one city, enjoy the "hometown of Chinese bamboo," said Guangde territory, bordering the north of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, adjacent to the east. Hangzhou has combined high-speed pass, crosses State Road 318. Guangd...

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Address: guangde county town of peach state high lake industrial park
Free hotline: 400-0563-558
Telephone: 0563-6053799
Hand machine: 13966193899
The true: 0563-6050166
Mail box: guangdelida@163.com
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Web site: www.gdlddq.com
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Electromagnetic clutch, brake varieties, this site describes the electromagnetic clutch, brake, loss of power brakes are not monolithic slip-ring dry. LDZ series electromagnetic clutch, LDDL series electromagnetic clutch brake combination and the use of special wave-shaped design, with a prestressed, circular plate spring, with a compact simple, fa...
Frequently Questions
1, maximum speed: clutch and brake of the maximum allowable speed (see electromagnetic clutch, brake the basic parameters of the table) by the friction surface of the Speed ​​to determine if more than this speed to use, will lead to not produce the rated torque, the occurrence of abnormal wear or overheating deformation. 2, temperature: clutch and ...
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